Training in Varkala Beach.

Experience a journey of tranquility and self-discovery with the 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training offered by Lalitha Yoga Academy in Varkala Beach. Escape the rush of daily life. Varkala Beach, tucked away along Kerala’s stunning coastline, offers the ideal setting for honing your yoga technique and starting the journey to become a certified yoga instructor.

The goal of our 100-hour yoga teacher training course is to give students a life-changing experience that extends beyond the poses. Our program offers a complete curriculum that will enable you to spread the gift of yoga to others. It includes everything from studying the philosophy and background of yoga to learning how to teach and obtaining hands-on experience.

You’ll have the chance to practice yoga at Varkala Beach while taking in the calming sounds of the ocean and the soft sea wind. Through daily yoga lessons, meditation sessions, and workshops led by our skilled instructors, you will be able to enhance your practice and develop inner harmony and serenity.

You will have the opportunity to experience yoga as well as visit Varkala Beach’s natural beauty and cultural legacy. Varkala Beach has an abundance of experiences to enhance your adventure, whether you’re lounging on the golden sands, swimming in the pristine waters, or touring the neighboring temples and markets.

Our training program also includes excellent vegetarian meals made with fresh local ingredients, cozy beachside bungalow accommodations, and lots of downtime for rest, relaxation, and renewal. We think that for you to grow and develop as a yoga practitioner and teacher, it is imperative to create a nurturing and supporting environment.

Don’t pass up this chance to experience peace of mind and a transformative journey with the 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Lalitha Yoga Academy in Varkala Beach. In the stunning backdrop of Kerala’s coastline, reserve your spot now and begin the journey towards fulfilling your ambition of being a certified yoga instructor.