Spiritual teacher, Ivan Bava and Yogi Sai Naresh

Take you on a journey of self-discovery, self-realisation and union with the Divine.

Set in the beautiful grounds of BAVA Holistic Resort & Retreat Center at Varkala Beach Cliff, this 14-day program offers you an integration of yoga body postures, breathing methods, and knowledge of Ayurveda and philosophy – all performed in the first half of the day guided by our team of international experts.
The evenings are rich with direct pointings of Advaita Vedanta (Non-duality knowledge) and meditation brought by Ivan Bava. They lead your awareness beyond the mind and the apparent world of matter and energy.
This program shows a two-track path – mastery over the worldly life on one side and awakening to the Eternal Reality on the other.
Through yoga, breathing, love, service and understanding, we come to master our emotional, mental and physical states so that we can ride the waves of the Ocean of Life. It is through silence, meditation, stillness, and self-inquiry that we see glimpses, insights or realisations of the Reality beyond our senses.

About Ivan Bava

Ivan Bava is an internationally recognised teacher of spirituality and life sciences, writer and therapist who has established his Schools of Awareness and Spiritual Mastery in Croatia, Spain and Slovenia, and occasionally in other countries. He holds his programs directly in Spanish, English and Croatian, giving people the opportunity to have access to the most important life knowledge in their native language.

He initially graduated management from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and for years worked in the hotel industry and business consulting, and he is currently studying for a doctorate in metaphysics at the University of Sedona in Arizona.

He is a guest lecturer at the Department of Consciousness Development at the University of Granada and at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Malaga, where he regularly teaches practical disciplines for a conscious and advanced life as a master over one’s own mind, emotions and body in
front of hundreds of students and the public. He is a frequent guest in various radio and TV shows.

Since 2011, Bava has traveled over 700,000 kilometers on 4 continents, held over 8,300 hours of seminars and workshops with tens of thousands of participants. In his work, in addition to spiritual and metaphysical knowledge, he also uses his own method of ALO Healing (Allow, Let Go, Hand-Over), which awakened in him in 2010 and which serves to release and heal emotional injuries, traumas and blockages from the body and mind.

His book Answers from Within was printed in four languages in Croatia, Spain, Slovenia and the United States of America, and his online academy OMNI ACADEMY www.omniacademia.com contains over 160 hours of video courses on awakening consciousness, emotional healing, relationships, love, peace, self-knowledge, manifestation, family relationships, dance and more.

Since 2011 he has been developing a holistic retreat center Peace Valley in central Croatia which is his official home, while at the end of 2023 he made Kerala (south India) his winter residence where in BAVA Holistic Resort & Retreat Center in Varkala Beach he holds spiritual awakening programs combined with yoga, breath work and Ayurveda.
Spanish webs: www.ivanbava.com and www.omniacademia.com
English web: www.ivanbavcevic.com
Croatian webs: www.oa.hr and www.centarsvijesti.com


14-days Spiritual Awakening & Yoga Retreat

  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Language: English/ Spanish/ Croatian
  • Module: Residential with Meals
  • Level: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Style: Hatha Yoga

Single Use Per Person

  • Standard Balcony Room  – € 860
  • Superior Terrace Room – € 935
  • Luxury AC Room – € 1,126

COUPLE or FRIENDS SHARING (price per person):

  • Superior Terrace Room – € 826
  • Luxury AC Room – € 993

Important details:

– Advance payment for seat confirmation: 300 EUR
– Cancellation: Non-refundable but you can postpone your TTC to another date
– Fees include 21 overnight stays in a room, all meals, yoga classes, an excursion and a Study Kit
– This is Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga TTC

Contact Us:

Chakali Naresh, Founder and Director
Whatsapp or mobile:- +91 95151 51963
Email:- info@lalithayogaacademy.com


What’s Included:

  • 14 nights of comfortable accommodation
  • Three wholesome vegetarian meals daily
  • Guided sightseeing excursion
  • Workshop guidance for conducting Yoga sessions
  • Supply kit including a notebook, pen, neti pot, and basti pot for practice.

Not Included:

  • Personal expenses
  • Airport transfers
  • Medicines
  • Laundry services

Universal Access: Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Open Doors: Joining Our 14-DAY Spiritual Awakening & Yoga Retreat

Gratitude Meditation

Practice gratitude, one of the most powerful forces in the Universe every day and watch your world transform. In this 90-minute program, participants are led through the meditation and process of gratitude for all that exists in their lives and for what is yet to come.

This meditation is beneficial at any time of year, especially in times of birthdays and New Year’s.

Forgiveness Meditation

I call you to spend 5 minutes every night: at 22 h sit down in silence and awareness and create frequency of forgiveness. Of course, you can stay in meditation longer (which I encourage with all my heart!), but I know that everybody can spare 5 minutes to do this. Turn the alarm or reminder in, if you think you’d forget. 

So, what should those 5 minutes for forgiveness look like?
Here are very simple 5 steps:

1. Sit down comfortably with your eyes closed and relax as much as you can, wherever you might be (in the living room, toilette, tram, bed, etc).
2. Take a deep breath and exhale with sound …. haaaaaaaaaa…..
3. Focus all your attention to the center of your chest and feel your spiritual heart.
4. Say: I connect to the source of all consciousness and all of those who are doing the same at the moment.
5. Feel the FORGIVENESS in your heart, in your mind, for specific people, situations, and events, and stay with that feeling as much as you want, radiating this feeling from your heart through your whole body and space around you.

That’s it 🙂

Power of Forgiveness

Human suffering and societal stagnation often result from an inability to let go of the victim mindset and resentment. Lingering conflicts hinder progress, and to break this cycle, individuals must release the past, forgive, and seek forgiveness. This is crucial for economic, political, and social advancement. It’s time for conscious citizens to take responsibility and foster forgiveness at all levels—from personal to planetary.


14-DAYS Spiritual Awakening & YOGA RetreatSingle price per person€ 860€ 935€ 1,126
14-DAYS Spiritual Awakening & YOGA RetreatCOUPLE or FRIENDS SHARING (price per person)€ 826€ 993

SCHEDULED DATES – 14-DAY Spiritual Awakening & Yoga Retreat

Upcoming 7-DAY Yoga Teacher Training in Varkala Beach, Kerala 2024

SpanishNovember 2nd to 16th 2024
EnglishNovember 24th to December 8th 2024
CroatianDecember 22nd 2024 to January 5th 2025
SpanishJanuary 19th to February 2nd 2025


Accommodations & Dining

Our retreat combines the tranquil beauty of the ocean with lush green surroundings, creating a deep sense of peace and a strong connection to nature. Our cozy huts offer a serene haven for students to reside in, allowing them to experience genuine rejuvenation during their stay.

  • 14 nights of comfortable accommodation
  • 3 nutritious vegetarian meals daily