100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Varkala, Kerala

Are you prepared to go out on a path of profound healing, transformation, and self-discovery? Come participate in our 100-hour immersion yoga teacher training program at Lalitha Yoga Academy in the beautiful city of Varkala, Kerala.

Our 100-hour program is carefully designed to provide you a thorough understanding of anatomy, asana practice, pranayama techniques, teaching philosophy, and meditation. This program, which is led by knowledgeable and committed instructors, is made to fit into your busy schedule while providing a life-changing experience that you won’t soon forget.

Varkala’s clean beaches, plenty of greenery, and serene ambiance make it the perfect place to begin your yoga journey. Kerala’s breathtaking natural surroundings and rich spiritual tradition create an environment perfect for practicing and reconnecting with your inner self.

You will discover the fundamentals of yoga as well as its significant effects on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health during your time with us. Daily yoga sessions, meditation exercises, and engaging workshops will provide you with important insights into the age-old wisdom of yoga and its applicability in the contemporary world.

At Lalitha Yoga Academy, we value the strength of support and community. You will receive individualized attention and coaching in our small class sizes, which will enable you to move forward at your own speed and conquer any obstacles in your path. Regardless of your level of expertise, our program is made to meet you where you are and support you in realizing your greatest potential.

Our 100-hour training program offers cultural activities, field trips to neighboring sights, and chances for introspection and personal development in addition to the basic curriculum. In one of the most magical places on earth, take in the splendor of Kerala, make connections with like-minded people, and discover the life-changing potential of yoga.

Are you prepared to use yoga to change your life? Come participate in our 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Varkala, Kerala, at Lalitha Yoga Academy. This is where your path to empowerment and self-discovery begins. To secure your place and begin your journey towards a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life, apply now.