Retreat for 100 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training: Awaken to Alignment

With Lalitha Yoga Academy’s Retreat for 100 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training: Awaken to Alignment, enter a haven of self-discovery and alignment. This intensive retreat, which is set in the tranquil environs of Varkala, Kerala, offers a life-changing exploration of the core ideas, practices, and teachings of yoga.

This 100-hour training retreat offers a special chance to fully immerse oneself in the transformational power of yoga and is intended for both prospective teachers and committed practitioners looking to expand their understanding. Under the direction of knowledgeable instructors who hold a great regard for the custom, participants will set out on a path of self-exploration, development, and enlightenment.

The investigation of alignment—not only in the physical body but also in the mind, heart, and spirit—is the central theme of our retreat. Participants will learn to build a sense of balance, harmony, and connection within themselves and with the world around them via a combination of dynamic asana practice, breathwork, and meditation.

Every day starts with a revitalizing yoga practice in front of Varkala’s breathtaking scenery. Participants assemble on their mats to awaken the body, calm the mind, and open the heart to the possibilities of the upcoming day as the sun rises over the horizon and casts its golden glow on the serene Arabian Sea.

Our retreat offers courses on yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teaching techniques in addition to daily yoga practices, giving prospective instructors a thorough grounding. Along with trips to neighboring sites and intensive cultural experiences, participants will also get the chance to learn about Kerala’s customs, food, and culture.

Gathering with like-minded people on the journey of self-discovery and progress creates a sense of community and connection that is arguably the most significant component of our retreat. Participants are encouraged to embrace their true selves and develop a sense of inner serenity and empowerment in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Come to the 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Retreat with us: Set out on a path of self-exploration, metamorphosis, and alignment with your authentic self as you awaken to alignment.