Oceanic Asanas: Yoga Teacher Training by the Waves

With Oceanic Asanas: Yoga Teacher Training by the Waves from Lalitha Yoga Academy, immerse yourself in a life-changing yoga experience unlike any other. With the magnificent ocean as a background, this immersion program provides a rare chance to hone your teaching abilities, expand your practice, and establish a connection with nature’s elemental energies.

Imagine rolling out your mat on the immaculate Varkala beach dunes and awakening to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the coast. You start the day with a restorative yoga practice on the beach with knowledgeable instructors who are tuned in to the rhythms of the ocean, as the sun rises over the horizon, throwing a golden glow on the blue waves.

Our Oceanic Asanas workshop is intended for both seasoned practitioners who want to broaden their practice and aspiring instructors who want to go on a personal development and self-exploration trip. There are numerous opportunities throughout the day to strengthen your bond with the practice and the surrounding natural environment, from dawn salutations to dusk meditations.

Our training’s use of elements inspired by the ocean is one of its distinctive features. You will find inspiration in the flowing motions of the waves, the steadiness of the coastline, and the boundless energy of the ocean as you practice asanas. You’ll develop an inner sense of harmony and tranquility with attentive breathing and meditation that reflects the expanse of the sea.

Our curriculum offers workshops on anatomy, alignment, and teaching techniques in addition to daily yoga practices, giving prospective instructors a thorough grounding. In addition, participants will get the chance to experience immersive cultural events, trips to neighboring locations, and the local cuisine, culture, and natural beauty of Varkala.

At Lalitha Yoga Academy, we see the ocean as a strong teacher in and of itself—a representation of flexibility, resilience, and limitless possibilities—rather than just a setting for our practice. We become more aware of the intricate interdependence of all life and develop a deeper appreciation for the wonder and beauty of the natural world when we immerse ourselves in its rhythms and energies.